As you may have noticed, the bad and the ugly is our Halloween theme of 2009 here on Cinematical, and I thought I'd celebrate by giving up the next four weeks to Marvel and DC's wretched hive of scum and villainy. At least that's the plan. I assure you that if anything amazing happens in the land of geekdom, I'll suspend it and talk about whatever that awesome thing is -- but I thought it'd be nice to look into the future, and discuss the villains we'll be meeting on the silver screen. Maybe you're meeting them for the first time, maybe they're old foes to you, but ideally we'll all learn something and be carried away in speculation. But in the meantime, let's talk about Loki, chosen purely because of Thor adding Stellan Skarsgard as "an unknown character" to its roster.

I have always found Thor a difficult title to get my fandom around. I studied a lot of Norse culture and mythology, so the Thunder God should be a familiar guy to me. But there's something about the Thines and Thous paired with the ridiculous outfit that made it seem utterly preposterous. Apparently, I can only handle the posturing of gods when it's in a stuffy academic book, and not in glorious color. But I'm eagerly awaiting the movie adaptation -- not just because it's lined up some true talent (even if it did skip over casting a little True Blood), but because I'm dying to see how they pull it off. As if the stakes weren't high enough for the Thunder God, the Marvel Universe might just hinge on a trickster: Loki. Given what a sinister, shifting piece of work he is, I don't envy Kenneth Branagh or Tom Hiddleston.

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