Genesis II and Planet Earth

I've never even heard of the PAX series of telefilms by Gene Roddenberry and ABC. Roddenberry was supposedly only involved in the first two films, Genesis II and Planet Earth, but ABC continued the premise with Strange New World without Roddenberry's involvement. This was the mid-'70s and I wasn't alive yet, which is why I've justified my not knowing about them.

But this is Gene freakin' Rodenberry? Mr. Star Trek himself. You'd think everything he'd ever been slightly involved with would be available in some form. Hell, I think Christopher Tolkien is working on a book of J.R.R. Tolkien's grocery lists right now, and Michael Jackson probably has twenty more albums coming out. That's how we honor visionary creators! Not by burying their masterworks.

These gems are buried no longer. Now both of Roddenberry's PAX films are being released through the Warners Archive program. That's where DVD-Rs are produced "on demand." Hey, there's a guy in my neighborhood who does the same thing and he charges way less than $19.99 ... but you didn't hear that from me.
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