A few months ago Cinematical was invited to visit the set of the new film written and produced by Guillermo del Toro – no, not that one. A remake of the 1973 Australian film of the same name, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark is a fantasy-horror film in the vein of Pan's Labyrinth, which certainly would make the Spanish auteur an obvious choice for its director as well, but del Toro turned the directing reins over to Troy Nixey, a first-time filmmaker who impressed him with a short film he made called Latchkey's Lament.

Last week Latchkey found its way onto Youtube, and having seen it on the set of Dark, we can attest it's just the kind of visual odyssey from which great directors are born. Meanwhile, the original Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark is now available on demand via Warner Archives if you need further incentive to check out the upcoming remake, but we suspect that after you watch both parts of Nixey's first opus you won't need any other reasons to be intrigued – or more likely, afraid of what's to come.

Check out Parts One and Two after the jump: