Apparently the gaming community is all gung ho this week after details emerged regarding the upcoming video game Epic Mickey, which originally was designed as a Wii exclusive, but may branch out to other systems. The reason folks are all excited over a Disney game involving Mickey Mouse is because it carries what I think is one of the coolest concepts to ever come out of the Mouse House.

Essentially, the game's plot revolves around a whole bunch of "forgotten" Disney characters who, for one reason or another, were pushed aside when the more popular characters like Mickey, Goofy and Donald took over the Disney landscape. Now, rallied together by Disney's first ever cartoon hero, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (also the game's main villain), all of these pissed off, jaded Disney characters set out to destroy the Disney universe by unleashing the Phantom Blot, which uses black ink and melting colors to distort the world we've all come to know and love. Obviously it's then up to Mickey Mouse to be the hero and fix this giant mess before the wonderful world of Disney is erased forever.

Pretty cool, right? Even cooler is the news that Warren Spector and Junction Point Studios have been "working hard on our own and (get ready for the cool factor to go way up) in collaboration with folks from Disney Feature Animation and Pixar," according to an interview from awhile back. So, yeah, while we'll probably see some cool animated cut scenes designed (in part) by Pixar and Disney Animation, I wonder whether the game's popularity could then spawn a feature film. Why not? Or perhaps they're already working on one as we speak ...

Check out some stills from the game below and tell me this wouldn't make for a very cool animated movie.

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