Do you lean back on your couch to watch The Godfather and think: "God, if only I had a glass of Godfather vodka right now..."?

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Paramount Pictures and Iconic Brands have joined forces to launch The Godfather Italian Organic Vodka -- booze to get drunk by whilst feeling like a good, organic human being. (Yes, that last bit is all me.) This latest movie-meets-booze linkage will hit shelves in April of 2010, joining libations like Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Head Vodka and Trump Vodka.

Richard DeCicco of Iconic Brands notes the powerful brand behind The Godfather, since it's one of the most beloved movies of all time, and seems to think that's enough of a reason. Luckily, nestled right after that, THR quotes alcohol consultant Arthur Shapiro: "The Godfather Vodka sounds a little bit like its hokey. The brand would need more going for it than merely the linkage and the borrowed credentials of the motion picture."

Well said, Richard! Would any of you Godfather fans out there actually avoid purchasing your regular vodka mainstay to fork over some cash for retro movie marketing? Maybe if it was cans of pet food, I'd dig the audacious twist, but Paramount -- you can keep your vodka.
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