Yes, this is a small story that will appeal only to those who subscribe to Netflix. But only if that percentage of our readership also really enjoys Mystery Science Theater 3000. So if you're not a Netflix member or you (somehow) hate MST3K, then I think you should probably skip ahead to some different articles. Today we have stuff about Showgirls 2 and the return of the Griswalds. Seriously.

But I'll let you in on a non-secret: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 dvds are a little pricey. Some collectors grab 'em all, others trade their homemade copies, and still others (like me) own none of 'em but still like to complain that the DVDs are a little pricey. So here's some awesome news, provided you're a Netflix subscriber: Eight, count 'em eight, excellently MST-ied movies are now available for your enjoyment! Which ones?

Racket Girls! (1951) The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy! (1958) The Girl in Lovers Lane! (1959) First Spaceship on Venus! (1960) Laserblast! (1978) Zombie Nightmare! (1986) Werewolf! (1996) Future War! (1997)

Go now! Watch! Chuckle! And while this little article might seem like little more than a free plug for Netflix, it's important to note that I tweeted precisely THIS request only a few weeks ago. Clearly someone is listening!
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