Argh, I hate conflicting emotions. Why can't the world be black or white, dead or undead? On the one hand, I would love to read any book written by zombie Godfather George A. Romero, and I would particularly love to read a book written by Romero about, well, zombies. On the other, more rational hand, I do not want to read (or see) the foundation myth explaining how Romero's particular legions of the undead came to be, which is exactly what I will inevitably be reading in July 2010 according to an article from The Guardian about Romero's upcoming novel, The Living Dead.

The UK Publisher, Headline, describes the premise of The Living Dead as, "the full story behind the living dead: how they came to be [and] what they can and cannot do". It starts in San Diego, where a corpse sits up and begins to walk during an autopsy, while a reporter from Atlanta shows viewers "glimpses of increasing chaos from around the globe". Which is all well and good if I want to read another World War Z, but global chaos and scientific reasoning is not what I've come to associate with Romero's undead cannon.

Hasn't "When there's no more room left in hell, the dead will walk the Earth" been sufficient explanation since Dawn of the Dead came out in '78? Does anyone really require further examination than that simple conceit? Obviously if Romero writes a book, I'm going to read it, even if it deals with material I'd rather be left vague, but I just wish it would be a standalone entry and not a retroactive law book as to what can and cannot be done in the world of the walking dead. Doesn't that kind of defeat the whole oral history, fire-side mystique of not knowing the end-all reason behind the brain-hungry re-animation of friends and family?
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