The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus recently premiered in the UK, and director Terry Gilliam was on hand to kick things off. Now that the whole Imaginarium -- Heath Ledger -- bad luck hurricane has wound down, attentions are turning to his next project -- the one plagued with more bad luck than Parnassus -- The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. And Gilliam had more positive news to share.

It started earlier in the week when he told Empire that the film is a "donkey, and now it has three of its legs," and then followed it up at the premiere with more solid news: "We're up and running again, we've rewritten the script and finally got it back, the budget's come in... and I think we've found our Quixote! But who's it going to be? Well, I'm not going to tell you, but it'll start next Spring." Even as recently as May, Gilliam was still focused on Johnny Depp, so does this mean Gilliam has definitely nabbed him? One can only hope...

A script, a budget, a start-date, and a star who could be Depp? It seemed like this day would NEVER come. It's been a long road that hasn't been blessed with quick solutions like three big-name stars filling in for the man who was lost. But seeing how long it has taken, and how much bad luck there has been, it feels wrong to get excited, to let the anticipation build. I will save my jubilation for three moments: When production begins. When production wraps. And when the film is on the screen and unstoppable.
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