[Welcome to the Sci-Fi Lunch Break, where (mostly) every day we'll be supplying you with a cool bit of audio/visual goodness to break up the monotony of the work day. You bring the turkey on rye, we'll bring you something out of this world to watch while you eat it.]

Sorry I've been away from the Sci-Fi Lunch Break for a while, Fantastic Fest beckoned, but now that the routine is falling back together it's fitting that things get kicked back off with Bunker, an excellent, delicately shot short film from a French director named Paul Doucet. Set entirely within the titular place of refuge, Doucet's film follows the very frazzled Marie, a lone survivor of an unseen nuclear apocalypse who has been trying desperately to make contact with someone from another bunker.

Just when Marie is at her bleakest a crackled voice breaks the static, a voice that says it's from Bunker 15...

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