When I started seeing anumberof sites on the Internet talking about Showgirls 2 -- aka Showgirls: The Story of Hope -- I groaned. Then I caught the supposed official website (NSFW), and my first thought was: Suckers! There's just no way that one of the crappiest films of all time was getting a sequel marketed with a weird, newbie Dreamweaverish website like that -- even if the original is a sort of so-bad-it's-fun cult classic. But then I thought of those crappy photoshopped posters, and the most wretched one ever. If that's possible from big marketing campaigns, it's certainly understandable for an indie foreign production to have a bad website. Could this project be true?

If the website is to be believed, we've all been waiting for Showgirls 2. Granted, I always thought it would be funny if they made a Showgirls sequel that turned horror, a la Randy in Scream, but only as a moment of fleeting amusement. Yet, here we may be. It's a "blockbuster motion picture coming soon" based on Rena Riffel's character Hope in the original film. Marc Vorlander is the supposed writer/director behind this soon-to-be-gem, and it will focus on "Hope's brother's search for revenge following the stripper's death from a dose of contaminated cocaine." Guess that's why there's a skull on the website. So much for the fleeting hope that my Scream wish was coming true.

Do you buy this whole deal? Is this totally legit, a complete ruse, or maybe some sly porn marketing to garner free publicity?
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