Count BasieJazz fans may appreciate Count Basie more than the rest of us, but the jazz pianist's cameo in Blazing Saddles is pretty funny even if you don't know much about him. It's all part of the 1974 Mel Brooks comedy's shtick that plays with conventional aspects of Hollywood films, culminating in the sidesplitting climactic sequence that blends movie sets, pie fights and Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

The Count Basie cameo occurs fairly early in Blazing Saddles. Bart (Cleavon Little) is headed to the Old West town of Rock Ridge as the new sheriff, dressed to the nines. Count Basie's signature jazz number, "April in Paris," plays in the background, highlighting Bart's urbane demeanor. And as Bart rides across the prairie, he encounters ... Count Basie and his orchestra, performing "April in Paris" right there on the frontier. It's one of the more subtle laughs in the film, but it never fails to amuse me, no matter how many times I've seen it. It also provides a hint of the more outrageous anachronisms and spoofs that populate the rest of Blazing Saddles. Check out the clip after the jump.