Boasting the hottest, up-and-coming names in the indie music world (including Muse, currently touring with U2), the 'New Moon' soundtrack has even staunch twi-haters bowing their heads in submission. []

Sacha Cohen's truly better half Isla Fisher lands two movie roles. [BuzzSugar]

If the rumored 'Vacation' movie really does happen, we can only hope it delivers the hilarity present in these seven great Griswold moments. [ScreenJunkies]

Need a laugh? Let these Arnold Schwarzenegger prank calls bring a smile to your face. [Lemondrop]

Thank you, film gods, for giving us '500 Days of Summer' and a glimmer of hope that romantic comedies aren't doomed for eternity. Here are 40 reasons romantic comedy fans are finding it harder to speak up in defense of the genre. []
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