Everything about Kevin Smith'sA Couple of Dicks sounds too good to be true. How can you not look forward to a movie that promises to be a throwback to the glory days of 1980s buddy cop comedies and the next Roadhouse? It even lured in Bruce Willis, and if you can bring back The Last Boy Scout side of him, your job is half done. But the film might just score an extra point of goodness: Empire caught up with Smith who revealed that 1980s soundtrack-meister Harold Faltermeyer might be lending his steely sound to Dicks.

"As I'm putting the flick together, I see it as a real throwback to the 80s buddy cop genre," said Smith. "So I'm putting some music on this scene, see if it works. I take this piece from Fletch, which I've always loved, and it works. Now I take this piece of music from Beverly Hills Cop, and it plays the comedy well. It plays the action well. And, after doing those temp cues, I said to a few people, 'Is it crazy to see if Harold Faltermeyer will want to score this movie?'"

Faltermeyer hasn't done a soundtrack since 1994, but fortune favors the Smith. "Warners said he'd recently come in and talked about getting back into the game. And so Harold Faltermeyer is watching the movie next week!" Nothing is set in stone, however, and even if the composer agrees, Smith has his own conditions. What I'm looking for is that old Harold Faltermeyer sound that I grew up on. If he's moved on from that sound, I'll respect that. I'll go get a Casio and f*** it up myself!"

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