Less than two weeks ago at Fantastic FestTrick 'r Treat director Michael Dougherty confessed plenty of interest in doing more Trick 'r Treat anthology films that would feature, in one way or another, everyone's new favorite Halloween mascot, Sam, the sack-headed son of a pumpkin demon. But at the time, it was clear from Dougherty's tone of voice that he honestly didn't expect there would ever be any kind of studio support for him to make a sequel to a film that sat on said studio's shelf for nearly two years. That was, of course, before Trick 'r Treat came out on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday.

Now I haven't seen any actual sales or shipping figures, but I've heard from multiple people in multiple states that tried to snag a copy of TrT in either format on release day and that it was sold out at every brick and mortar store they went to. One doesn't need sales figures to know that Warner Brothers has, to the surprise of no one in the horror community, a hit on their hands, and one doesn't need a flow chart to understand that popular things get sequels. So now the sequel(s) that Dougherty has been silently planning in his back mental pocket is a lot closer to reality, as evidenced by his conversation with MTV:

"The whole idea originally, for me, was to do one if not every Halloween, at least every other Halloween," Dougherty explained. "Because it's an anthology film, it lends itself to telling another four stories which would intertwine – but I think you could take the film and explore how Halloween was celebrated in different locations, different time periods, and the one consistent character would be Sam, the mascot."
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