Last month I wrote a discussion piece asking if there were too many film festivals, and as some commenters pointed out, festivals are the only way some folks can get a gander at indie films that might not ever be released, or see movies that will have a limited release and take quite a while to make it back to their town.

Philadelphia is sharing some brotherly film love with its own international film festival, which takes place from October 15th through the 19th. The festival will kick off with the premiere of Law Abiding Citizen and end with Precious, with plenty of good stuff in between, from international indies like Fish Tank to the rabble-rousing Antichrist. Other notables include The Men Who Stare at Goats,Serious Moonlight (a sweet and funny film written by the late Adrienne Shelley and directed by Cheryl Hines), The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair, and lots of other great stuff. Check the full line-up after the jump, and to buy tickets or get more information, visit the official website.

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