At the bloody, pulsating heart of most horror films is sex. Many gorefests revel in nudity and in killing couples mid or post-coitus, and it's such a trademark of the genre that it became one of the infamous "Rules for Surviving a Horror Movie." If you strap on a chastity belt and keep on your sweater set like Jamie Lee Curtis, chances are good that you'll dodge your own mortality. (The deeper implications of that are hotly debated even today, but that's a topic for another time and the Horror Squad.)

But horror has a sexy cousin in the psychological / psychosexual thriller. This genre revels in punishing people who get caught between the sheets just as much as true horror does, but it's like a set of Agent Provocateur lingerie versus Frederick's of Hollywood. They're doing the same thing to your senses, but one does it with a veneer of class and sophistication, and appeals to people who wouldn't be caught dead with a slasher. With that spirit, I've compiled a little list of movies to augment your usual October diet. You might be able to get one or more of them past a girlfriend or boyfriend who loathes horror -- but don't be surprised if both of you feel like wearing a suit of armor to bed just in case.
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