For many, Tim Allen will always be Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor, the wise-cracking dad from the '90s hit sitcom Home Improvement. The show was, and still is, adored by many - you know you watch hours and hours of reruns when you're home sick, don't deny it.

But for every fan who thinks of Allen as Tim Taylor, there are as many who know him best as the beloved action figure Buzz Lightyear. Disney's Toy Story in 3D is currently on a limited run (Toy Story 2 in 3D is out on 22 January) while the highly anticipated Toy Story 3 is set for a 23 July 2010 release. Meanwhile, Allen's directorial debut, Crazy on the Outside (due in January), will appeal to a more grown-up audience.

Buzz, er, Allen recently chatted with Moviefone on the burdens of working with Tom Hanks, John Travolta's terrible loss and what we can expect from Toy Story 3.
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