UPDATE: Over on their site, ThinkGeek has announced that the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag will indeed be available for purchase this November, though quantities will be limited. Folks interested in the $99 purchase (which is a lot for a sleeping bag, but c'mon -- it's a pretty awesome sleeping bag) are urged to register for updates through ThinkGeek so that when the item does become available, you won't miss out. Click here for more info.

Read our original post from 7/8/09 below to catch up on all the hoopla ...

This past April Fool's Day, ThinkGeek ran their usual line of fictitious geek-related items, including this fantastic Tauntaun sleeping bag that recalls the scene from Empire Strikes Back when Han sliced open the animal to keep Luke warm. When we posted about it, a bunch of you were itching to purchase your own Tauntaun sleeping bags even though the item didn't exist. And, in reality, a lot of ThinkGeek readers fell for the joke because an unusually high number of folks actually attempted to order the thing.
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