Oogie Boogie in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Oogie Boogie, the glow-in-the-dark boogeyman in The Nightmare Before Christmas, has it all. He's a singing, dancing sack full of worms with a striped tongue, and when it comes to Santa's fate, he has no qualms about leaving it up to a roll of the dice. His henchfolks, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, put the trick in trick or treat; they were supposed to kidnap Sandy Claws (aka Santa Claws) so Jack Skellington could take over Christmas, but instead delivered him right to Oogie's lair.

Oogie likes to gamble – mostly with lives, but always in style, as he ties Santa to a giant roulette wheel in his hallucinogenic underground lair and serenades Santa about his fate. Oogie, even though he's an anthropomorphized sackcloth, has a dapper demeanor because of his sonorous voice and jazzy vocal stylings. I could totally see him kicking back in a smoking jacket, martini and stogie in hand (paw?) after a long day of being bad.

Oogie also loves the ladies; Sally, who gets wind of Santa's predicament, dismantles one of her legs (being both a rag doll and a seamstress) and dangles it down into his lair. Boy is he angry when he finds out it's not connected to anything else. In the end, though, it all unravels for Oogie Boogie. Every villain has his or her weak spot; unfortunately, Oogie's was that he just wasn't put together that well.

Check out his song and dance in a clip after the jump.