Even though I still haven't completely wrapped my head around some of the participants on the New Moon soundtrack (really, Thom?), worry not because this isn't about to turn into one of those Twilight bash-fests since I've already made my peace with this particular franchise. But I wanted to get that out there because you should probably know that I'm not exactly dedicated to the love story of Edward and Bella, or the Emo poster boys Death Cab for Cutie, which might not make me the best audience for the new music video for the first official release from the soundtrack, Meet Me on The Equinox. That said, I do have to admit that, no, I don't hate it.

The song might not be anything out of the ordinary for the band, and it has that trademark Death Cab vibe of slightly mopey and chock full of ennui, but it's a pretty little track nonetheless. Now, as for the video itself, it's mainly just footage of the band (after breaking into Bella's Forks home by the looks of it) but there is some additional footage from the movie peppered into the clip -- though you would probably have to have committed the first trailer to memory (and I'm sure some of you have) to spot the differences. But one thing that should thrill Cullen-lovers everywhere is that you do get a much longer shot of a shirtless and sad Edward -- and isn't that the bread and butter of the Twilight franchise, after all?

The official soundtrack will go on sale on October 20th, and you'll have one month to learn these songs by heart before New Moon arrives in theaters on November 20th.

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