Scott Weinberg: Regarding this online thing you've co-created .... what is it?

James Moran: Oh, are we doing the IMprompterview right now? Well, Girl Number 9 a six-part web thriller. Starting on October 30. It's about...

Scott: How many parts?

James: Six.

Scott: When's it start?

James: Septober 90th.

Scott: What's it about?

James: Following a string of murders, a man is arrested - the evidence is all circumstantial, so they need to get a confession out of him, or he could walk...

Scott: Sounds a lot like Tron.

James: ...but as soon as they start the interrogation, they get drawn into his twisted mind games, and discover that all is not as it seems. And yes, if that gets people watching, then yes, it is EXACTLY like Tron. Every episode has a cliffhanger, there are twists and turns every couple of minutes, and it's very dark and scary.