Rejoice! It's time for another one of those rare moments where we get to talk about Brendan Fraser acting in a drama -- one that should get him a little more recognition than the smaller dramatic bits and thrillers he's taken on recently. See, he's co-starring with Harrison Ford in a pic called Extraordinary Measures, and the still above is the first from the film (via Cinema Blend).

Based on a true story (optioned by Ford), the film follows a couple whose two youngest children were diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder called Pompe disease. Rather than take things as they were, John Crowley quit his job and created a startup research company to help make advances that could help his children. (The C.B. link has a whole featurette sort of deal on the family.) Fraser plays Mr. Crowley, Keri Russell has the role of his wife, and Ford plays a researcher who might have a cure.

It's no Gods and Monsters, but I'm happy to see Fraser getting dramatic again, and Ford in something a little more serious as well. Here's hoping the Extraordinary Measures leads to some extraordinary filmmaking. Then again, this is coming from the man who just gave us What Stays in Vegas. Sigh. One day, my prince will return!
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