By Scott Weinberg. Reprinted from Sundance Film Festival, 2009

I now know more about black womens' hair than any middle-class Jewish guy ever has.

The lessons come connected to a new documentary calledGood Hair, which was produced by Chris Rock for HBO Films. And once again, my attendance at a film festival has compelled me to watch a documentary that, otherwise, I'd have little to no interest in -- but I walked out 90 minutes later rather well-informed on a topic that, under normal circumstances, I'd never have a reason to care about.

I'm not a hairdresser, I'm not all that interested in fashion, and I'm certainly not a black woman ... so what would a film like Good Hair have to offer? Well, I think it's always cool to learn a little something about other cultures, and when I heard what Good Hair was actually about, I started thinking ... hey, yeah, this could actually be pretty interesting! It certainly doesn't hurt that Chris Rock is along for the ride, as the comedian is as sharp and amusing as ever, but what the flick taught me is that, well, the way one wears their hair is of particular importance to women ... and there are some issues that are very specific to black women.
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