You can't keep a spunky redhead down, even after she's confessed to being a shopaholic. After being unfairly painted as the poster child of conspicuous consumption, Isla Fisher has moved on and scored a one-two punch of comedies. Variety reports that Fisher has signed on to star and produce in Life Coach, and to star in an untitled romantic comedy for Universal.

Life Coach is centers on a woman who hires a (shocker!) life coach to sort her life out. In a twist of twists, the life coach is more messed up than she is. On the outside, it looks like it could be a very typical girl comedy (wacky job, problematic boyfriend, credit card debt), but it is being co-produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy, and is being penned by Liz`Cackowski and Maggie Carrey. I think it might actually be a little more offbeat and more along the lines of Funny or Die, and not fall into a romantic comedy trap. An actual comedy starring a woman would be a nice thing to find outside of television's 30 Rock.

The same probably can't be said for Fisher's other gig at Universal. The untitled romantic comedy is based on a French script titled Un Jour mes princes viendront (Some Day My Princes Will Come). Universal wouldn't reveal the plotline, but I'm making the wild guess that it involves a girl looking for Prince Charming, or even more than one Prince Charming. The script is being penned by Audrey Wells, who has made a recent specialty of plots centered around individuals trying to decide to navigate love and life. But there's always the possibility of being surprised by a hearts-and-flowers script, so I'll refrain from criticizing and hope that both scripts offer an opportunity for Fisher to shine as a comedic talent.
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