If it's October, it's Saw time. And the Lionsgate guys always seem to come up with new and nefarious ways to remind you of the fact. (Hey, the series has helped out big-time with its annual blood drives, and I still say that was a darn clever idea.) So here's something sick, tricky, and a little twisted for all you Saw-lovers who are also knee-deep in the pages of Facebook.

The Jigsaw Game!

It asks you a few questions, commands you to pick a pair of friends, and then ... forces you to use a cluttered keychain to unlock the now-legendary "jaw trap" from your face. My friends Brian and Luke killed me in no time flat, despite the fact that they weren't even logged into Facebook at the time. Next time they sign in, they'll probably have a message from Jigsaw saying that they killed me. Poor guys. So maybe this way I can guilt them into paying for my ticket to Saw 6, which opens on October 23.
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