Cristina Aguilera's big-screen Burlesquedebut is already a pretty interesting mix. We've got the slight girl with the powerful pipes, plus Cher returning to Hollywood as a nightclub owner and Stanley Tucci as the man who turns Aguilera's small-town girl "from bumpkin to bombshell." (Please tell me she's living in a lonely world.) But now, in a pretty wild twist, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Kristen Bell is joining the action as her rival.

As the story goes, Aguilera's girl has "a big-town voice" and "finds love and success in a Los Angeles neo-burlesque club, reminiscent of the nightclub in Bob Fosse's Cabaret." Bell enters the mix as Nikki, "the loose-cannon lead dancer and main attraction at the club who spirals out of control" when Aguilera steals the spotlight.

Now, there are a lot of women I could imagine battling Aguilera. At the top of the list would probably be Scarlett Johansson. But Bell -- didn't see this coming. Presumably, the rivalry is all in the dance, and not the song, but even then -- nice twist for the geek princess and leading comedienne. But how will her burlesque be? A little slice of Showgirls? Striptease? Or maybe, just maybe, Reese Witherspoon's Ivy Miller in Overnight Delivery? Better yet -- Bell's first big mainstream dramatic gig. How do you see this all playing out?

Production begins next month and is slated for a release during Thanksgiving, 2010.
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