I know that we all have to head towards the future and not get stuck with the past. We must be prepared for the changes in music, the modernization of old-school styles, and new generations of thinkers and creators who may not mesh with our tastes. But I refuse to believe that libraries are amongst the things we need to wave g'bye to. Across the country, libraries are dwindling. Hell, September brought word that ALL of Philly's libraries were closing. ALL.

But at least one filmmaker is doing something about this crappy trend. Andrew Meieran is directing a dark comedy called Highland Park (co-written with Christopher Keyser), and The Hollywood Reporter posts that Parker Posey has just signed onto the cast. The film stars Danny Glover as teacher in a struggling community who wins the lottery and decides "to restore the local library and energize the community in the process." Remember, this is a dark comedy, so it won't be one of those overly saccharine feel-good school flicks. Posey will play Shirley Paine, the opportunistic mayor of Highland Park who used to be the homecoming queen.

First, there's a pretty cool motive behind the project -- they're using the movie to help Detroit's McGregor Library, which was shut down in 2002 due to lack of money. (A doc on the library will also be made.) Two, it brings Posey back to the world of higher knowledge (hello, Party Girl!). Reading news like this, I wish more filmmakers would get creative and do similar to keep these institutions running. I mean, if we can have a bajillion stripper movies, can't we have a least a handful or 50 library flicks that not only entertain, but also do great things for the communities across the country?

In the meantime, check out Posey laying down the library law after the jump.

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