It will be all sequels, all the time, for J.J. Abrams. Although his Fox hit show 'Fringe' has started its second season, and latest film, 'Star Trek,' arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray Nov. 17, the burgeoning mogul is all about hugely successful franchises for the foreseeable future. Next on his plate are 'Mission: Impossible 4' and 'Star Trek 2,' and it looks like the Tom Cruise-starrer will be first.

"We are hard at work on the 'Trek,' 'Mission Impossible' [series],"
Abrams, 43, told reporters Thursday in Santa Monica at a promotional event for 'Star Trek's' DVD release. "We have this movie that I'm writing that I would love to direct early next year ['M:I 4'], so we will see if it comes to fruition ... There is a lot we are working on."
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