I like the cut of Legendary Pictures' jib. A company that produces Batman Begins, 300, The Dark Knight and Watchmen is one to salute, and their upcoming slate is nothing less than exciting. (Inception, Sucker Punch, Jonah Hex, Clash of the Titans, and Sam Raimi's Warcraft are just a few films they've got cooking for 2010 and beyond.) So when they option a title, I feel like you have to sit up and take notice because it's landed in pretty good hands. Throw in a Warren Ellis title and you might just have The Next Big Thing. Variety reports that just such a deal has gone down, as Legendary Pictures has optioned Warren Ellis'Gravel.

William Gravel is the star of an ongoing series published by Avatar Press (picture James Bond with a few more tricks up his sleeve). By day, he's an SAS sergeant-major, and by night he's a combat magician with mercenary tendencies. He combines traditional weaponry with spells and parchments. Like Daniel Craig's Bond, he's a grim guy with little time for conversation or wisecracks. Ellis describes him as "a man with no ambition beyond closing time at the pub [and] his tolerance for human life is minimal." He battles everything from zombies to massive reptile beasts, always looking to profit and get what's his. If you like your action with a touch of arcane wizardry, you'll like these books.

Ellis is penning the initial draft of the screenplay and will be executive producer on the project. No director is attached, but I'm keen to see this one take shape. I'd like to see a trend towards supernatural comic adaptations, as it would certainly help balance out the vampires.
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