Hey all. I hope you've missed me, but I'm just about to head home from approximately 13 days in Austin ... and once I get home, there are some big-time changes afoot for the Horror Squad! Nothing bad, I promise. But I feel like I've left you hanging lately, and for that I apologize. But hell, I've been knee-deep in the awesome horrors of Fantasia, Midnight Madness, and Fantastic Fest, so I'm sure I'm forgiven. I hope.

But there are two great reasons to be a horror fan this week: One is the odd but very successful release pattern for Paramount's indie acquisition Paranormal Activity, which has paved the way for a full-bore limited release on October 9. You've seen plenty of love for the flick all over Cinematical and HorrorSquad, so make sure you throw the movie a few bucks if it happens to play in your neighborhood.

The other flick to get good and psyched for? Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat, which single-handedly demolishes the "all DTV movies suck butt" theory -- if you happen to believe that hooey in the first place. I do not. It's a rock-solid anthology horror that focuses on all the various traditions and trappings of the Halloween season, and I truly believe it's destined to become an annual favorite. Carpenter's Halloween + Trick 'r Treat + (your favorite horror movie) = the perfect Halloween night triple feature.

Also keep an eye out The Children, a fine British import that just hit DVD last week.
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