Kristen StewartHer boyfriend bites necks, so why shouldn't she have a nibble too? Kristen Stewart first came to mainstream attention with her role as Jodie Foster's daughter in David Fincher's Panic Room in 2002, though she had a nice, small part in Rose Troche's The Safety of Objects and really hit a home run with Jessica Sharzer's superb, underseen Speak in 2004. But it wasn't until she landed the coveted role of Bella Swan in Twilight that everyone started paying attention.

Maybe a little too much attention, as evidenced by the video posted after the jump (courtesy of College Humor). In the video, Stewart's proclivity for biting her own lower lip has been highlighted. And the conclusion is ... she does it a lot, at least in Twilight and Adventureland, which seem to be the two movies that the clips have been drawn from. To be honest, it's a little creepy to see such attention paid to the lips of a 19-year-old actress, and a little unfair to her thespian abilities, but it is funny that, once you notice a quirk, it's hard to ignore.

Stewart has been able to strike a good balance between roles in independent movies and studio productions. Sure, The Twilight Saga: New Moon awaits release on November 21, but so does Welcome to the Rileys, in which she plays a stripper / prostitute, a "really broken, damaged little kid," as she told Cinematical last year. And she'll be Joan Jett in the forthcoming biopic The Runaways. Will she still be biting her lip in those movies? Time will tell.