Doctor Who, Matt Smith

Britain's long-time children's show Blue Peter has long had an association with the equally long-running Doctor Who franchise. But I'm not sure if they've ever had any creative control of the Doctor's adventures. But that's looking to change, as Blue Peter has put together a contest wherein their viewers are to design a new control panel for the Tardis.

The idea is to use household objects creatively in the design, and to make it look like something the Doctor would come up with. And the winner will see their design in the new season, lending credence to the rumors that the interior of the Tardis will be getting a makeover along with the Doctor himself. I think it's a great promotion, as the winning entries will also get a walk-on visit to the set.

As a show of my own ignorance of things British, I'd never heard of Blue Peter and in fact thought that maybe it was a website inspired by Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen.
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