This should get you in the mood for Halloween, and/or really piss off the people who are just sitting down to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner. What you see above is not an image of some dude's face after he was stuck in a freezer for a few days or weeks. Nope, that's an actual sculpture made out of human blood. Yup! Who knew blood could look so ... real? From youbentmywookie:

"What you're looking at here is an ongoing project entitled "Self" by artist Marc Quinn. A more detailed explanation is that you're looking at a sculpture of Quinn's own head made out of 4.5 liters of his own frozen blood. The blood is taken from this own body over a period of five months. The work is then repeated every five years to establish a unique record of the artist aging."

Kind of sick if you ask me, but I can't be the only one who's having trouble looking away. There's something oddly appealing about this blood sculpture, and I bet if Robert Pattinson did something like this to his face, Wal-Mart would sell them by the thousands. Just sayin' ... Check out a larger version of the image below.

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