From Horror Squad

I wouldn't blame you for rolling your eyes skyward at the mention of the phrase "MTV Slasher Movie," but since My Super Psycho Sweet 16 comes from Jake Gentry, I'm feeling just a little bit better about the project. Why? Because Jake is one of the three directors who delivered The Signal, plus I've had some serious horror geek discussions with this guy, and he's the real deal. Like, you could mention Blood Beach, Hell Night, and The Gate in the same sentence, and he'll raise you a Funhouse or something.

So hopefully my optimism is well-founded, and I suppose we'll able to find out on October 23, which is when My Super Pyscho Sweet 16 debuts on MTV. Me, I'll hold out for the DVD release, because commercial breaks make me cranky and irritable. According to the IMDb, MSPS16 focuses on a party held at a roller derby that once got closed down for ... basic '80s slasher flick reasons. Oh, and since I spent a full paragraph saying nice things about the director, I should be fair and also mention that the two guys who wrote Super Psycho? They also created that Paris Hilton BFF series. Yikes.

Check out the promo clip after the jump.