Held annually in Spain, the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival has long been the gold standard in exhibiting and honoring genre films and filmmakers. Sure, other festivals have risen to champion international sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films, most notably Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX, but it'll be a long time before any are held in as high regard among fans of unique, genre-specific cinema as Sitges. I say that not to besmirch my beloved Fantastic Fest, but to preface how historically refined a barometer Sitges is as far as rewarding films goes.

Which is why Moon, Duncan Jones' directorial debut about a lonely industrial worker (Sam Rockwell) on an isolated moonbase, winning Best Production Design, Best Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Film is no easy feat. Films it beat out for these top honors included Thirst, The Children, Splice, Dogtooth, Dorian Gray, Heartless, Metropia, and Enter the Void.

The Jury, of which The Descent and Doomsday director Neil Marshall was a member, also gave their Special Jury Award to Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void, a film about a teenage drug-dealer who dies only to come back as a ghostly guardian of his sister. Read on for the complete list of categories and winners. Note, I'm not sure what the Ben & Jerry's Award qualifications are, but I'm glad [REC] 2 won it.
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