As you probably remember, we were supposed to get a little movie called The Road this week, but it was delayed until November 25. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some Viggo Mortensen anyway. Seeing as we're celebrating villains, and The Roadwill be one of those affairs you don't want to cheese up with a clip like this, now is the perfect time to remind you of Mortensen's pre-Aragorn screentime. I don't mean that disparagingly (they all start somewhere), but I'm very glad Lord of the Rings helped leave the dark days of The Prophecybehind for critical and popular acclaim.

But hey, not every actor has the Prince of Darkness on his early resume. Not surprisingly, he manages to turn in a good performance and makes a very frightening Lucifer (I would bravely argue that makes a scarier Satan than Al Pacino or Robert De Niro, but I'm not sure the fingernails and rose eating will help my case). He even manages the tricky balance of being horrible and seductive enough to slip you out of your soul, a balance few Lord of Darknesses achieve. Plus, he manages it in a mullet. Come on, you always knew that Satan not only invented that hairstyle, but rocks the business in the front and party in the back.

Pop below the jump for all of Mortensen's Prophecy scenes, neatly collected by a YouTube fan.