I think it's safe to say that Toy Story holds a special place in the heart of most, if not all, modern film geeks. First and foremost it was a great film that, regardless of the technology behind it, tapped into everyone's inner child by wondering what the secret life of toys would be like. But not only did it usher in a new age of computer generated imagery that would prove, for the most part, the downfall in popularity of hand-drawn animation, it also introduced the world at large to a little studio called Pixar, a word that didn't make much sense back when Toy Story was released in 1995, but is now synonymous with the being the gold standard in animated filmmaking.

Now that Toy Story 1 and 2 are currently enjoying a reborn run at the American box-office (this time re-tooled for 3D exhibition), Pixar and Walt Disney have unveiled the trailer for Toy Story 3 (watch it after the jump), their long awaited trip back to the toy box. The newest in the franchise will be the first made specifically for 3D, and judging by the trailer embedded below, it looks like the film's sensibilities have matured along with the technology powering the animation. Andy, the owner of all the toys, is all grown up now and ready to head off to college. His box of toys, a box so many of us have grown to love, has gone neglected for too long and now his mother is ready to put the dust-collecting bits of nostalgia out to pasture.