I remember strolling through my local Blockbuster 10 years ago, sure that they couldn't switch to 100% DVDs in a few years. The idea seemed ridiculously optimistic. But in the blink of an eye, DVD took over and we barely had time to wave goodbye to shelves of VHS tapes. It also set some ridiculously high expectations for electronic improvement. Now, a few years later, as The Wrap states: "Blu-ray was supposed to be the format that saved studio home entertainment." Problem is, it isn't.

It's been a good three years, and the format is only cooking up 6% of home entertainment sales (compared to DVD's revenue of 20% back in 2000). Most people are still buying DVDs, and renting, the latter of which doesn't help studios a whole heck of a lot, illustrating "continuing problems for the major studios, which have convulsed amid the lack of DVD revenue growth in recent years." The blame game zeroes in on low-price rental services and used disc sales, while noting Blu-ray's failure to become an essential piece of home entertainment. This is resulting in severe price slashing that will include Blu-ray players under $100 this holiday season.
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