His captain's chair on the Enterprise secure, Chris Pine has been eager to find roles in this time space continuum to help define him as something other than James T. Kirk. He nearly saw his first post-Trek feature Unstoppable go off the rails, but he's proving to be unstoppable himself as he has already lined up another project. Variety reports that Pine will be returning to Paramount for The Art of Making Money. D.J. Caruso is in talks to direct. (Will it be the start of another beautiful Caruso friendship like he enjoyed with Shia LaBeouf?)

Money is based on a 2005 Rolling Stones article by Jason Kersten (which was then turned into a book) which followed the rise and fall of counterfeiter Art Williams. According to a nifty little bio by NPR, Williams grew up on the south side of Chicago, and turned to counterfeiting bills after being introduced to it by "a gentleman caller" of his mother's. After perfecting the very tricky $100 bill, he went on to produce more than $10 million dollars worth of counterfeit bills. But he wasn't all bad, as he and his girlfriend enjoyed donating many of the things purchased on buying sprees to thrift stores. Eventually Williams was caught and put in prison. He was released but found living legally too boring and cheap, so he promptly began manufacturing money again. Kersten said that "the great irony" of Williams' criminal career was that it proved he had the brains to run a Fortune 500 company if he could have just gone straight.

So, will Pine make a brilliant counterfeiter who enjoys playing Robin Hood from time to time? Will The Art of Making Money be the first of the hard hitting dramas Pine becomes known for, his Captain Kirk just an intriguing note on his resume? We shall see.
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