Tormented first caught my eye two months ago when Trailer Addict posted an excellent clip from the movie that had me covering an eye with one hand by the time it was done. Now that IFC's Festival Direct program is bringing the British slasher to the US of A, we've got a full length trailer for the film and a slick little plot description on the Independent Film Channel's website:

"A sexy, scary high school horror movie that smells like teen spirit...with a hint of rotting flesh! From classrooms and cafeterias, to school ties and pool parties, teenage traumas full of promise, pimples and panic get a terrifying makeover as the best days of your lives become your worst nightmare."

The trailer definitely does a good job of selling the 'rich high schoolers up to no good' angle, so if you need selling on the horror angle I've happily embedded the aforementioned clip below along with the trailer. If Tormented looks like a good time, and I think it does, you can catch the film on IFC's On-Demand platform starting October 21st.
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