The property has been bouncing around Hollywood for at least a dozen years, but producer Jerry Bruckheimer is intent on bringing Lorenzo Carcaterra's Apaches to the big screen. According to a recent Variety report, Jerry has hired the screenwriting team of Sean O'Keefe and Will Staples to take a shot at the source material. And no, it's not about actual Apache warriors. It's actually a crime story about a group of retired cops who go on a vigilante spree when the need arises. If this duo can bang out a workable draft, and that's something a lot of established writers have failed to do, then we may have a cool action flick to check out. The book even has a sequel called Chasers, so there's that to consider.

Movie fans will remember Carcaterra's name from Sleepers, the Barry Levinson film that was based on the author's book, plus he's done a whole lot of work on Law and Order, in addition to writing various novels. As for O'Keefe and Staples, they seem to be one of those "hot" writing duos who have a lot of projects on the way ... but nothing on the shelves just yet. According to Variety they've penned scripts called World's Most Wanted, The Cruelest Mile, and The Murder of King Tut. And those sound like pretty cool titles to me.

As for Apaches, it feels like The Star Chamber meets Death Wish. Bring it on.
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