Need that perfect gift for the Browncoat who has everything? Got an extra couple thousand dollars laying around? Quantum Mechanix is offering pre-orders for their gorgeous 1:180 scale Serenity Firefly-class replica starting on October 30th, 2009.

The beloved spaceship, last seen in Serenity, the film version of Joss Whedon's Firefly, is limited to a mere thousand pieces, and signed by "Captain Mal Reynolds" himself, Nathan Fillion. It's selling for a cool $2,495, but what do you get for all that dough? Three customization options ("Crazy Ivan" mode, docked or undocked shuttles, open or closed reactor shutters), a remote control to activate realistic "hard burn" engine lights, 32 different lighting effects, eight tiny crew figurines visible in the ship's bridge, hand-painted graphics (no decals!), and your very own in-person session with a highly trained Companion! (Please note that the personal visit by a trained Companion is not guaranteed by Quantum Mechanix, and may solely be the wishful thinking of this author. Especially for that price.)

The Serenity model is absolutely loaded with bells and whistles for the hardcore collector, and comes with its own display stand so you have somewhere to put it when you aren't flying it around your room by hand and making spaceship noises with your mouth. Each unit is hand-made by actual cinematic special effects artists employed by QM when they aren't out there building models for movies.

Honestly, with today's economy, Serenity: The Big Damn Replica may be a fairly sound investment. If not, then you've got something truly spectacular to display in your foreclosed home.
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