Besides being played by Julia Roberts in 1991's live-action 'Hook,' Tinker Bell has been best known as Peter Pan's mischievous little pixie-dust-sprinkling friend. But even before she made her 1953 big-screen debut in the classic animated film, the impish fairy went through dozens of incarnations in the animation studios at Disney.

Last year Tink graduated to leading lady in her own movie, the 2008 self-titled DVD release 'Tinker Bell.' Now, with the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of 'Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure' (Oct. 27), Tink is finally getting a full-scale makeover. She's gone from ingenue to full-out action hero since she first appeared, in pencil drawings from the famed studio's "nine old men" in the the mid-'30s.

Click through our gallery to trace the adorable tiny heroine's transformation through the years (including three exclusive photos).
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