As you might remember from last week, I've decided to delve into the complicated and convoluted pasts of the Marvel and DC villains we may (or may not!) be seeing in the superhero years to come. Last week, we tackled Loki and his uncanny abilities, and this week we're going broad -- we're going to meet the green and pointy people known as the Skrulls. Speculation is rampant that these will be the big baddies in The Avengers, as they're one of the few things that could unite a Nordic god, an alcoholic playboy, a thawed-out WWII hero, and the unpredictable Hulk. (Whether Hulk will actually be an Avenger, or just someone they're forced to fight, remains to be seen. I'm convinced there's still time to add Wasp or Ant Man, and though we'd see The Avengers delayed a bit longer, I like to look at the half-full glass on these things.)

The Skrulls are certainly the threat that could unite our disparate heroes. They've played Marvel continuity for years, though not always to the best effect. They're mean. They're ugly. They can shape-shift. All they really want to do is conquer Earth and subjugate us like they have with so many other planets. But they forgot to factor in that we have a planet full of bitching superheroes, and their best laid plans fall apart again and again. They can't even win if they impersonate our heroes, as witnessed by the recent Secret Invasion crossover.
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