Vampires are interesting. They're most often the baddies to become good guys. Maybe it's because they can still look pretty, or maybe it's because their method of killing can be so sexy. (A hot neck bite is a whole lot more preferable than, say, a wolfy mauling.) Whatever it is, we ascribe this whole hierarchy of acceptable and unacceptable vampiric behavior. For example, it's okay if they're killers -- whether it's human baddies they can mind read or killing sprees long ago -- but it's totally not kosher if they happen to watch you as you sleep. They have cornered this weird, batty scale of seduction and goodness, and the public loves them -- they're hot as all holy hell when it comes to media these days.

In response to the rampant sharp-toothed push, Penny Arcade has decided to figure out what's next. As you can see above, they're thinking tousley-haired mummies. It's certainly a step in the right direction. Wolves are too darned hairy for most, and zombies reek while having a tendency to mumble and grotesquely fall apart. But mummies -- they've got the mystery factor as well. Who knows what's under the wrapping? They're still human-sized; they can still wear clothing; and hey, that whole two-arms out-stretched thing is just asking for a dark embrace.

Could mummies be the next wave of horrific romance?
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