Ah, the Weekly World News, or as the publication likes to call itself "The World's Only Reliable Source of News", my favorite supermarket checkout isle magazine of all time (sorry, Reader's Digest). I used to stare at it longingly as a child, wondering if there really was a Bat Boy or if the President of the United States was, as so dutifully reported, a transvestite alien. Now that the news rag has gone online-only (if only one of their often mentioned psychic mediums had told them that making up stories about mutant babies and dead celebrities wasn't a sustainable business model for print publication), headlines like "Wife Meets Dead Husband in the Devil's Triangle!" just don't have that spark of truth like they used to.

That's about to change, however, because DreamWorks plans on making all of my dreams come true by turning the Weekly World News and its zany cast of characters into a serialized TV show. That's right, if things pan out (and man alive, I hope they do), Bat Boy, Bigfoot, Elvis, and the Lake Erie Monster are all going to be a regular part of popular culture once again.
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