Yes, Fantastic Fest ended almost two weeks ago (has it been that long already?), but just because the fest is over doesn't mean the HorrorSquad coverage has to end.

Salvage, Directed by
Lawrence Gough, 2009
A shipping container has shown up on the shore of a small, isolated village on the UK coastline. Said village is under quarantine, which is a bit of a problem for Beth, a single mother who spends too much time at work and not enough time with her estranged daughter who got dropped off at her doorstep right before the quarantine was underway. Making matters worse, when a commando unit shows up to enforce the quarantine, it becomes clear that its not a virus that has the UK government so freaked, rather it's some kind of cognizant, escaped mutant.

Lawrence Gough's film has a decent premise and a less-than-stock dynamic between its characters, but Salvage is ultimately a rather generic horror movie hurt most by a monster at its core that is really not all that monstrous thanks to flat design and uninspired camera work to showcase it. Great performance by lead actress Neve McIntosh, but her gutsiness isn't enough to save the film from the clutches of mediocrity.
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