After the jump you'll find a short film that's both A) very gory, and B) very profane. I'm just warning you kids now is all.

Long story short: Ever year Adam "Hatchet" Green and his pals get together and do a run 'n gun quickie short for the Halloween season. The Tivo, The Tiffany Problem, King in the Box ... you know and love them all! (And if you don't, no problem: Click right here.) But this year the guy's been so busy with post-production this and pilot episode that ... we started to worry about this year's Halloween short.

Fear not! This year's horror/comedy mini-flick features Paul Solet (director of Grace) as a ptichman for a product called Jack Chop. And let's just say the guy's as accident-prone as he is a Red Sox fan. Again, there's a lot of f-bombs and blood-geysers in this nifty little short, but it's also rather amusing. So there.

And of course Horror Squad would like to join Green and his Ariescope team in wishing you all a Happy Halloween. You violence-addicted lunatics.
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