I can't help but make the obvious joke here, so I'll just go ahead and say it: Boldly going where no man has gone before, Chris Pine is not only Unstoppable, but he also knows The Art of Making Money. How? By attaching himself to every iconic reboot he can. Variety reports that Pine has entered into talks with Paramount to become the next Jack Ryan. "Talks" seems a fancy way of putting it, as Paramount president Adam Goodman is already talking him up as Ryan: "Tom Clancy created an unforgettable character with Jack Ryan. With Chris in this role, we've taken our first step in creating a re-boot that lives up to the successful lineage of the franchise."

Paramount has been shaping a Jack Ryan reboot for some time. Last year, they were in negotiations with Sam Raimi to come on board to direct or develop a franchise, but he returned to the webslinger instead. Last December, Hossein Amini came aboard to write a new installment, which remains the draft Paramount is working with. There's no director attached yet.

Stepping into the CIA shoes of Jack Ryan really puts Pine well onto the Harrison Ford track. Not many actors can land one iconic character in their careers, let alone two. Of course, "iconic" is a loose compliment for Ryan as he's really more of a cool name than a strikingly memorable character. (Admit it -- the movies are cool, but Ryan is like Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt --he's just kind of moving things along in a bad-ass fashion.) Perhaps Pine can change that, and reboot Ryan into something clear and present in pop culture.
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