Gus Van Sant
has been known to pick up a book or two to adapt in his time. Most recently, it was the less-than-stellarParanoid Park. But now he's getting ready for something a little different. Rather than grabbing a finished work from a popular scribe, he's teaming with the writer to kick off the process. Variety reports that Van Sant is joining forces with Bret Easton Ellis to write a film about the double suicides of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake -- a step up from last year's news that the scribe would be writing as Van Sant consulted.

You probably heard about their deaths back in 2007. The filmmaker/game designer Duncan died after mixing Tylenol PM and alcohol, while her long-term artist boyfriend Blake was last seen walking into the Atlantic Ocean a week later to join her in death. But it wasn't just some sort of star-crossed death pact. As Vanity Fair outlined in "The Golden Suicides," the pair were said to have become conspiracy theorists, sure that they were being harassed by Scientologists; their Venice neighbor even claimed to have been invited to an old man orgy of sorts. The script will be written from that article, so it should have a good mix of artistic promise and sad paranoia.

What comes next will most likely be the casting, although hopefully not another year later. Who do you think should play the pair? I'm thinking Blake should definitely be grabbed by Mark Ruffalo, and Duncan ... I'm going to go out on a limb and say Olivia D'Abo.
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